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A job is simply a means to fulfill your dreams in life. Those could be traveling, reaching your potential, owning your own home, taking your parents to nice dinners and more. The right job affords you the opportunity to achieve your dreams because the company you choose is 100% invested in your success. Everything at Tom James Company – our philosophy, hiring, training and leadership – is purposefully designed and aligned to invest in the success of our team.

Tom James Secret to Success

People are our business

Our commitment to people starts with our mission: We Build People. People Build the Business.

Company leaders take more pride in watching people grow – both professionally and personally – than watching the bottom line. They know that great people become great leaders and that great leaders generate great results.

It’s a philosophy that has proven true through five decades of success and guides every decision we make to this day.



"Tom James quite literally gave me the tools, and showed me the steps to be successful. In my first year at Tom a James alone, I have had the opportunity to make a six-figure income, lead a team, grow a clientele and relationship with those clients, achieve club levels, and trips."

Tom James of Dallas


"Coming from over five years background working in corporate retail where I learned politics and hierarchy was very important to moving up the corporate ladder, I was pleasantly surprised by how genuinely supportive everyone at Tom James is. Everyone truly wants to help you succeed, and this is the first time where my colleagues have become some of my best friends."

Tom James of San Francisco


"I wanted a career that I could come into and work every day to be the best version of myself. At Tom James, the income, monthly bonuses, and incentive trips I earn are a direct reflection of the hard work I put in every day."

Tom James of Atlanta


"I love the people at Tom James - everyone genuinely cares for you and wants you to be successful. Thanks to Tom James, I have traveled the world every year since 2012 in first-class style on sales incentive trips and have built lifelong friendships with the people on those trips!"

Tom James of Greenville


"I wasn’t even able to match a tie to a shirt before I started. Now a few years in, I’ve traveled all over the world mostly on the company's dime and have grown personally and financially more than I ever thought possible. This career can change your life if you want it to."

Tom James of Atlanta


"I'm a single mom with two boys. Tom James has allowed me to have my own home, pay for my boys to be in extra curricular activities, and build my work schedule around their ever evolving school/sport schedules all while building long-term net worth. At Tom James, I can quite literally have my cake and eat it too."

Tom James of Orlando

Our Process

Only Hire People We Believe Will Be Great

Tom James believes in transparency. It’s one of the ways we hire the right people who fit our culture.

The graphic illustrates the steps in our hiring process, which starts like most companies.

Where Tom James is unique is our “Follow Day.” You will spend at least half a day in the field with a sales leader attending meetings, visiting customers, and seeing a day in the life of a Tom James professional. This is the ideal opportunity to learn about the job and, most importantly, whether it is right for you.

Over the shoulder profile of bespectacled female executive in early 30s sitting at conference table and laughing as she interacts with off-camera colleague.
Our Culture

Leadership That Understands

When you join the company and start your training, the person to whom you report will start leadership training. We believe this ensures your leader becomes the best, most supportive leader for you.

Everyone in sales leadership started as a brand-new sales professional, and most continue to sell a few days a month to stay directly connected to what our salesforce experiences every day.

They do so to keep a pulse on what is important to customers and, most importantly, to everyone who works at Tom James Company.

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