About Tom James

Tom James Company has more than 50 years of direct selling expertise in the custom clothing industry. We have grown from a single store to stores throughout 4 continents and more than $500 million in sales.

Our sales force consists of highly motivated, service- and sales-minded professionals that strive for growth and leadership. By finding and developing long-term, loyal customers, our people build lifestyles to support their personal and professional goals. Our customers are highly successful, busy professionals who demand convenience, quality and excellent service—which we deliver to them.









Vertical Integration

No Middleman
Allowing Tom James to offer the best value
Industry-Leading Quality
One team from sourcing fabric to manufacturing to delivery
Styles Customers Want
Nimble manufacturing produces on-trend patterns and fabrics

Commitment to Sustainability

90% Of Clothes Manufactured In The USA
Fair Treatment & Safe Working Conditions
Company owns all facilities worldwide and ensures proper working conditions for all
Focus On Renewable Energy
Examples include a shirting facility run 100% by solar power and a biofuel boiler powering our textile mill

Custom Women’s Collection

Two Years In The Making
Only custom luxury clothier serving our women customers in the comfort of their homes or offices nationwide
75 Unique Patterns
Jackets, pants, skirts, shirts, casual wear and outerwear tailored to more than 40 unique measurements
Specifically Designed For Women
Fits, styles and color preferences backed by training on measuring, advising and serving women

New at Tom James

Per Person Sales Up 30%
Unprecedented demand result of teamwork during pandemic
Women's Line Up 200% YTD
JDemand proves women loving convenience and luxury of custom-tailored clothing

New Pay Plan Released In Fall 2021
Highlights include guaranteed training pay and a 25% increase in compensation across the board

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Built To Be Better

What Makes Tom James The World's Best Custom Clothier

Over the years, our sales success has allowed us to invest in our business to create several distinct advantages for our people:

  • Vertical Integration: Tom James has been able to acquire 14 manufacturing partners and effectively control the entire product lifecycle from weaving our own fabrics to manufacturing the garments to servicing and delivering to the customer. Not only do we manufacture for ourselves, but many of the worlds’ top clothing labels rely on fabrics and manufacturing from our facilities.
  • Customization: A custom product cannot be replicated. No other company has been able to balance the ability to sell, manufacture and deliver such a huge volume of individually customized garments. Our position in the marketplace is unique and difficult to imitate.
  • Value: We are able to offer more value on a custom garment than our competitors offer on readymade items. We also have one of the widest price ranges of anyone in the industry, which increases the prospect pool for our sales professionals dramatically.
  • Entrepreneurial Model: Being privately held is critical to our retention of both sales professionals and clients. Our clients prefer to deal with a single representative for a very long time. Therefore, our opportunity is designed to allow our sales professionals to build significant wealth and income by creating their own business and building clientele.
  • Principle-Based Leadership: A significant aspect of our leadership culture is a focus on principles rather than techniques, fads, emotions or other short-term fixes.

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