Unlimited Opportunities

Take Advantage of Unlimited Growth Opportunities

The Tom James business model revolves around an abundance of opportunity for personal growth, professional growth, and contributing to a greater good.

Design The Future You Want

Build Your Own Business Without The Risk

All Tom James sales professionals build their own business – without the risks.

You will receive two months of extensive training designed to set you up for success before you “open your doors.” You will learn a time-tested methodology for success. You will have a network of peers also building their own businesses and mentors who have built theirs to lean on every day. And you will be part of an organization committed to its people, its customers and making the best custom clothing in the world.

We offer the empowerment, pride and growth opportunity of starting your own business, without having to go it alone.

Best of all, you will earn the opportunity to earn an ownership stake in Tom James that can grow your personal net worth. This means that you will benefit personally as the company grows and have a vested interest in helping everyone succeed as other have invested in you.



"Tom James quite literally gave me the tools, and showed me the steps to be successful. In my first year at Tom a James alone, I have had the opportunity to make a six-figure income, lead a team, grow a clientele and relationship with those clients, achieve club levels, and trips."

Tom James of Dallas


"Coming from over five years background working in corporate retail where I learned politics and hierarchy was very important to moving up the corporate ladder, I was pleasantly surprised by how genuinely supportive everyone at Tom James is. Everyone truly wants to help you succeed, and this is the first time where my colleagues have become some of my best friends."

Tom James of San Francisco


"I wanted a career that I could come into and work every day to be the best version of myself. At Tom James, the income, monthly bonuses, and incentive trips I earn are a direct reflection of the hard work I put in every day."

Tom James of Atlanta


"I love the people at Tom James - everyone genuinely cares for you and wants you to be successful. Thanks to Tom James, I have traveled the world every year since 2012 in first-class style on sales incentive trips and have built lifelong friendships with the people on those trips!"

Tom James of Greenville


"I wasn’t even able to match a tie to a shirt before I started. Now a few years in, I’ve traveled all over the world mostly on the company's dime and have grown personally and financially more than I ever thought possible. This career can change your life if you want it to."

Tom James of Atlanta


"I'm a single mom with two boys. Tom James has allowed me to have my own home, pay for my boys to be in extra curricular activities, and build my work schedule around their ever evolving school/sport schedules all while building long-term net worth. At Tom James, I can quite literally have my cake and eat it too."

Tom James of Orlando

Become A Style Confidant

Network With Influential, Successful People

Influential, successful people buy the vast majority of custom clothing. They don’t want to spend time shopping. They love that Tom James comes to them, and they love the feeling of confidence that a perfectly tailored piece of clothing – whether an expensive suit or a golf shirt – affords them.

Here’s the best part: they welcome you into their offices or their homes because you are the clothing expert and because of the service you provide. There are very few sales jobs that allow new partners the ability to network directly with CEOs, Fortune 500 executives, lawyers, and business owners.

What happens when you spend most of your day with successful people? They motivate you to be more successful and more confident in your own abilities. This is one of the best kept secrets of working at Tom James and with our clientele.

Tailor measuring front of businessman jacket
Shot of a group of businesspeople having a meeting in an office
Learn To Lead

Build A Career That Matters

Tom James did not become the most innovative, successful custom clothier in the world by putting people into boxes. Sure, we have an approach to business that works well. But it works well because we hire people we believe have the potential to help shape the future of the company.

We want sales leaders who are breaking sales records once thought unreachable, teaching sales leadership, serving as mentors and much more. All these opportunities exist every day at Tom James.

The career opportunities at Tom James fall into three tracks: sales leadership, recruiting, and coaching. Many partners in the company often contribute to multiple tracks because they care so much about helping the company and the next generation of sales professional just starting their careers.

Leadership brings a new set of expectations and structure. Those willing who accept these responsibilities also have the opportunity for the highest rewards available at Tom James.

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