Internships at Tom James

Interns are valuable members of the Tom James team. You will learn important sales skills from corporate trainers and in small groups with an emphasis on prospecting, qualifying leads, and booking appointments. By the end of this internship, you will build a strong sales foundation and gain an in-depth understanding of what it takes to succeed in professional sales.

Types of Internships

Learn valuable sales skills while in school

Fall/Spring Semester Internship

  • 8 hours per week for 8 weeks
  • Work remotely aside from 2 in-person, on-campus workshops
  • Available to Seniors enrolled at select universities
  • Combination of recorded corporate training and weekly small group workshops
  • Focus on mastering advanced prospecting
  • Capstone project centered around foundational mindsets for success in a professional sales career
  • Competitive hourly rate
  • Adaptable to school credit hour requirements

Jumpstart your sales career with a paid summer internship

Summer Internship

  • 30 hours per week for 8 weeks
  • Work in one of our local sales offices
  • Available to any rising Senior
  • Combination of live corporate training and weekly small group workshops
  • Focus on mastering advanced prospecting and appointment setting
  • Capstone project centered around foundational mindsets for success in a professional sales career
  • Shadow an experienced Sales Professional in the field one day per week
  • Competitive hourly rate with commissions on sales for appointments you originate plus an opportunity to earn custom clothing
  • Adaptable to school credit hour requirements
  • Top Interns earn a suit at the end of the program

Find Your Internship Opportunity

Fall/Spring Semester Internships

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Must be a current student at the University

Summer Internships

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    Sheri Donaldson
    Texas A&M University

    Accepted in the Houston, Texas office upon graduation

    "Coming into this internship I was very excited to learn all about sales and the fundamentals of prospecting and phone calling. In all honesty, I was having a very hard time on the phone in the beginning of my journey here. I was lacking confidence on the phone and would let prospective customers' objections take a toll on me. It wasn’t until I reached out to my sales leader and other training managers for advice on the phone, that I began to grow a positive attitude despite objections. I took in every aspect of the incredible phone training we receive, and I built confidence and a positive mindset when phone calling. Starting out my Internship, I was worried about booking any appointments, but by the end, I had booked over 30 appointments. Today, I have accepted an offer to work in the Houston location upon graduation. I can truly say that the phone training and support this internship has to offer is a once and lifetime opportunity that will help you get the most out of your experience."


    Matthew Fried
    Kent State University

    Accepted in the Cleveland, Ohio office upon graduation

    "Working as an intern at Tom James company has been a phenomenal experience! The company as a whole is truly supportive of its interns and employees. A constant culture of success, support and positivity is what surrounds my daily activities. Working in the office, every fellow coworker is always offering help and constructive advice. Working side-by-side with my leader has allowed me to grasp a great understanding of what a full-time role as a sales professional at Tom James entails, and having a leader specifically assigned to me has excelled my professional development. Tom James is a place where I want to be after graduation because I feel I can strive to achieve both my personal and professional goals here."


    Camille Quinn
    University of Alabama

    Accepted in the Orange County, California office upon graduation

    "As an intern at Tom James, the financial opportunity is endless. Knowing that I had complete control over how much I made this summer motivated me to work that much harder! As a result, I have 12 new clients, a FREE suit, and made over $1500 on top of my hourly pay within my 2 months here. Not only that, the company has an amazing supportive culture, my team is incredible and I truly love going to work each day."


    Nicole Patti
    High Point University

    Accepted in the Charlotte, North Carolina office upon graduation

    "Tom James is a place of growth and opportunity. I had the pleasure of working closely with my Leader, Ryden Bell, who exemplified true leadership and mentorship. I got to oversee him run his business, which was not only motivating, but inspiring. Ryden helped me build my business and develop close relationships with my own clients over the course of the internship. Over the last eight weeks, I grew both personally and professionally, and this stems from the positive and uplifting environment of the Charlotte office. Working closely with the other interns in the office has been one of my favorite parts of the internship. We have all leaned on each other, and pushed each other towards success. I enjoyed developing close relationships with the individuals who are also just beginning to build their businesses. Tom James is a career with endless possibilities, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the people, culture, and opportunity here!"