Outside Sales Professional

Outside Sales Professionals are the foundation of the Tom James Company.

Our clients are highly successful, busy professionals, and we help them look better and feel more comfortable in their clothing, whatever the setting. The primary job responsibility is to network and prospect for great potential clients, using the phone, email, social media and other communication tools to connect and share our service with them.

When we do our job right by taking care of our clients, they work with us season after season as we help them stay current, updated and fresh for whatever comes their way.

The company supports you with Guaranteed Training Pay for the first two years while you develop your clientele and offers world-class, company-paid comprehensive training that extends well beyond orientation.

Learn More Than Sales

Leadership is a huge part of our opportunity. We offer significant investments in leadership development, ensuring every leader is equipped to succeed from training to long-term team development.

Build Your Net Worth

Income opportunities from sales and leadership are balanced with long term net worth building, including employee ownership, profit sharing back to the employees and a phenomenal 401(k) program. These vehicles have allowed many Tom James sales professionals to develop significant wealth through our opportunity.

Comprehensive Benefits

We remain committed to providing comprehensive benefits including major medical health insurance, dental, clothing allowance and discounts, and much more. Our benefits package is built to offer peace of mind through all of life’s ups and downs.

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A Passion for Sales

  • Industry-leading commission rates
  • Simple commission structure
  • Lucrative bonuses and incentive trips
  • Equal commissions between long-term relationships and new business

Average First Year Income


Top First-Year Performers

More than $100,000

Average Salary for All Sales

$114,000 per year.